Free Consultation

I would love to meet with you to find out more about what you have in mind, and discuss with you the many wonderful artistic possibilities available. Just show us your space and I’ll create a layout that matches your own personal style as well as your decor. Call today and let’s talk! Before we begin I create samples of the work so that you can see in advance what it is that we plan to do for you and help to determine the cost of the work. Once we agree upon the sample, you will know in advance exactly how much your custom artwork will cost, and how beautiful your artwork will be!

Cost of Murals

My Murals are meticulously detailed and therefore extraordinarily labor intensive. The cost is determined mostly by the amount of detail in the subject matter, because more detail means more time. Faux finishes, on the other hand, are less expensive but vary depending on the number of layers applied to the surface. The best way to determine a price is to meet with you, discuss the project and view the area for the proposed work.

Commissioned Art

You may commission your own work of art . Paintings are created in a controlled environment and are therefore even more meticulously detailed than other methods. Paintings are priced on a case by case basis, and the main factor in determining the price is once again the amount of detail in the subject matter. Other factors to be considered are size, media, and the speed of creation.

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